Friday, November 19, 2010

My Favorite Things 2010

Well, hello there! I am not new to blogging, but I decided to start a new blog with a new name. My old blogs are set to private right now and I am saving them for the memories.

Anyway, on to today's topic! Melissa at 320 Sycamore is hosting a My Favorite Things Party today! All you have to do is share what your favorite things are. This is a wonderful idea, especially with the holidays coming up. I have already gotten so many great ideas from the ladies who have been featured this week on Melissa's blog.

So, come on! Let's join the party!

1. MAC Vex eye shadow - OK, I know it probably doesn't look that fabulous in my picture, but let me assure you, this is a great color! I use this on days when I just want a light wash of color over my lid. It also works great as a highlight color when I wear a taupe color on the lid. Seriously, go check it out at your MAC counter!

2. Aquaphor - Is there anything this product can't do? I love this stuff! I use it all the time on my lips. I even have small tubes of the stuff in my purse. This is also great to slather on your feet at night to soften calluses (make sure to wear socks, or your sheets might get a little greasy!).

3. First Aid Beauty Cleanser - available at Sephora. For those of us with super sensitive skin, this is a wonderful cleanser. I was using Olay face wash for sensitive skin and all of a sudden, my skin rebelled. After talking to a sales associate at Sephora, who also had extremely sensitive skin, I purchased this product. I have had no problems with it. It has a slight fragrance that is reminiscent of Ivory soap (which I also use).

4. Hurricanes (or is it a big vase? Or is it called a hurricane vase?) and crystal/clear candle holders. I bought the hurricane vase at Michaels years ago and used them once a year to decorate my mantel at Christmas. I would fill them up with ornaments. I decided to keep them up on the mantel and fill them with ornaments appropriate to the time of year (yes, I will be out the day after Christmas stocking up on all sorts of colors!). I bought the candleholders from Southern Living at Home and they are so versatile and can be used anywhere. This picture is only a portion of my mantel, but I'm not showing the rest, because my son put dead leaves on the mantel and refuses to let me take them down!

5. Keurig - 3 words -! This is wonderful for those days when I want a cup of flavored coffee and my husband doesn't. I love getting the Hazelnut coffee. This is also great for cocoa for the kids. My children get such a kick out of making cocoa with the Keurig, especially my son (he has autism and gets such joy out of the small things). I know the coffee/tea/cocoa cups aren't cheap, but I try to get them on sale at Kohl's and use a coupon with it.

6. Clorox wipes - Environmentally sound? probably not, but it makes my life a whole lot easier. It almost makes me enjoy cleaning. OK, not really. But, these things are so easy to use and my teenage daughter actually doesn't mind using them to clean her bathroom. That makes it worth its weight in gold!

Thanks for stopping by and reading the inaugural post of my new blog. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Great list! I am stopping by--found you at Melissa's blog. I also LOVE clorox wipes!

  2. I'm sold on the face wash! I like the simplicity of it...

    The aquaphor makes me laugh... when I had kids they sent home all sorts of Aquaphor travel tubes and I thought what on earth will I do with them? Ha. I savor that stuff now!

  3. I hope Santa brings me a Keurig for Christmas! It's great to know that you like it because I don't know anyone who has one.

  4. Clorox wipes! Awesome, we use them here too.. :)

  5. I love me some clorox wipes too! Where would I be without them? I don't want to think about it. :)

  6. Hello, Toni! So glad you go the link fixed. I love clorox wipes! Just keep one under the sink in the bathroom and you can wipe down everything while the kids are in the it. I'll have to check out the Mac eyeshadow and I have a love of hurricanes too. Thanks for joining us!

  7. if you are worried about the environment with the clorox, method makes great wipes as well...

    I'm so cheap-o now that I just do Mrs. Meyers (b/c you can refill the bottles with a 2 tsp) on every floor and towels near by...

    I love MAC, their eyeshadows are worth every penny...

  8. I want to get one of those Keurig coffee makers. We have a Bunn, and it is fantastic, but for those days when Mommy could use a Bailey's and coffee, this would be perfect! I have never tried MAC. For the past few years I have worn Bare Essentials but I'm thinking of branching out.

    If you get a chance, check out mine:

  9. Great post -- we are dreaming of getting a Keurig, too. They are amazing!

  10. Great faves! I have sensitive skin, too, and I was reading about First Aid beauty cleanser on Sephora's website. Glad to know it works so well!

  11. I love those hurricane vases myself. I (almost ashamed to admit)have never tried the clorox wipes. I must go get some.

  12. I think my son and I keep Aquafor in business, we both have horrible eczema, it's one of the few lotions that really works for both of us.